Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Night Of Secondary Printing

Well it is on to the secondary printing for the 3 11x14 photos I will make into my dads face triptych. Tonight I will finish up those prints after doing the bleaching, 2nd fix, hypo clear, toning and washing.

Monday and Tuesday I need to gather up the 2 earlier made 20x24 images along with these small photos. I also have also grab all my mat cutting equipment, mat boards and spotting stuff. as well as the large white frames (which still have last sex worker images in them from an exhibition several years back, see link). My hope is to have 3 of the AGSA August exhibition prints, spotted, matted and framed by the end of next weeks security night shifts. If I can get all 3 completed by weeks end that would leave me 3 or maybe 4 prints short of completing the exhibitions photographs.

One of the advantages of working nights security is I can take my spotting brushes, mat cutter, framing gear to work and do the cutting/spotting/framing in the security guardhouse at night. It is a multi tasking type thingy. I get paid as a guard and get to do my photo work as well! Of course I still do all my regular security duties but in between guard stuff I can do the photo stuff.

Here is the link to the earlier mentioned exhibition, the show at the VAAA gallery in 2012. My father is still very healthy in this video, long before we knew he had cancer. He is the man walking in the gallery with mom at 1:55. Now I will be using these same frames for dad, for the exhibition about the last year of his life and our relationship of sharing.
VAAA Sex Worker Exhbition 2012 "Human Voices"