Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bought Me A Monopod

I do not really own a good monopod (have one ancient cheap one) so I bought a nice one today. I got a "Sirui P-424S monopod from China. Made of carbon fibre, multi functional with a 12kg max weight capacity this unit is both a monopod and a mini tripod. I will ditch my light tripod for the coming movie trip and take the Sirui P424S instead. I can find multiple uses for this thing so feel it was a good buy. I will use it for film and video work (with the Manfrotto pan video head). The cost was $188.21 USD with free shipping to Canada.

Update: The more I think about it the more I feel this could be my main support unit for video in the field. In an interview situation I would use the full tripod, but running and gunning this lightweight monopod tripod hybrid might be a real life saver. If I do use it in the field (dump) and it does not work for me I can always go to the larger and heavier big film Gizto tripod. Hate to spend more money yet again but this might turn into one of the most important buys.

Here is a review video for the Blackmagic pocket camera, the camera is being used on the street of New York in combo with a Sirui tripod (probably the P-424S).

Sirui P-424S Monopod