Saturday, January 14, 2017

Blackmagic Pocket Camera, My Main And B Cameras?

I keep watching videos touting the amazing picture quality of uncompressed RAW footage that you get with Blackmagic cameras (BMPPC). I keep hearing how the RAW image is so much more adaptable in post and far better than anything coming out of a compressed DSLR.

What to do? Should I go with my two new(used) Blackmagic cameras as my main and B cameras for the coming film?  It seems to make sense to me, compact size, lighter, RAW files, and lots of adaptability in post editing. I am bound to make a ton of mistakes shooting this film, maybe some of those mistakes can be corrected and fixed up in post if I shoot RAW 13 stop range video.

Since I have these 2 pocket cameras, and since I have multiple lens, both Leica R and Canon glass to use with the them (also a compact Lumix 14mmm and a few tiny C lens), why not go this way? I can adapt my current rig set up to use with the Blackmagic bodies. I can also carry one of these little gems in my pant or shirt pocket for instant shooting, anytime, anywhere, for the entire 6 month trip.

I will of course still take my Canon 5D Mark 3 with me. I can use it to shoot stills, and also as a video camera backup. It might also be effective doing the talking head stuff  with the Canon, as it allows for longer shooting times. Compact battery power and card storage on the Blackmagic run down-fill up very fast, 20 minutes or so. Having the Canon 5D for doing longer interviews makes sense.