Thursday, January 12, 2017

Training A Guard And Editing

Spent last night training a new guard at work for 12 hours, tonight also another 12. We have started the process at work of finding a replacement for me if (seems it will happen) I go to Asia for 6 months to make the documentary film. Training is difficult but necessary, it has to be done.

Did manage to sneak in a bit of editing last night. I was able for the first time to combine 3 elements into a little film moment. I got 2 camera feeds (wide shot and close up shot) and a separate audio recording all connected, synced and working together (synced the enlarged audio wave files). I converted the video footage into a nice contrasty b/w image.The flat CINESTYLE picture profile converted nicely to the type of look I wanted. Overall it looks good and I am quite happy at how it looks on my 17 inch monitor. I need to burn a disk and put it on my 60 inch big screen TV to see what the quality really looks like.

The hardest part of this process is to find all the clips that fit together. I have a folder full of camera 1 video, a folder full of camera 2 video and then many audio files (recorded off 2 mics). Finding all the right files you need seems like the hardest part of the process to me. I have to develop a better way of organizing it in the field. When I am shooting in the dump under physically very difficult conditions then later copying all that audio/video footage to 3 or 4 hard drives could lead to mass confusion. I will have all the footage stored but finding what you want and editing it many months later could be a real MESS! How to find the right files, quickly and efficiently when you need them?

Anyway, when I did find the right footage I was able to put it together in a reasonable way for the first time. Yesterdays editing efforts were a success!