Saturday, January 14, 2017

Link: Wide Angle Lens Use And The BMPCC

I plan to use wide angle lens with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras (BMPCC). Wide angle lens create a unique look and feel in a image, and have a wonderful depth of field. I will be able to use my modern EF Canon 24mm F1.4 with the cameras and might be able to use some of my wider old style Canon FD lens (not sure they will work with the EF adapter, probably will need a separate adapter). With a little bit of luck I should have many wide angle lens options. If I hook the lens up to my Metabones EF Speedbooster I will also have the bonus of faster lens. A f 1.4 might be might be like a f 0.75 lens or faster a f 2.8 a f 2.

Check out this wonderful short video made by Lander Denys, great quality-tonality and a beauty wide angle BMPCC view to the video.
BMPCC Sigma 19mm f2.8-Walk In The Woods

Note* The linked video is graded in Premiere Pro, which is what I will be doing. There is no reason I cannot get a similar quality look in the dump. I wonder how the camera will handle the harsh light and reflections of white off plastic bags in the garbage. It's 13 stop dynamic range should give plenty of information to work with, allowing for a good picture.