Thursday, January 5, 2017

Me, Myself And I

To do this film all ME, MYSELF and I. I will need to become a mini expert at countless tasks. I counted the people involved in the 'Storm Makers" documentary, ended counting 29 folks involved with the making of the film in the end credits. So a straight forward movie like that has 29 contributing human beings. Not sure they were all technical, creative folks but many were.  How can ME, MYSELF and I do a film of comparable quality and effectiveness? It is going to be tough, very tough. I need to take on and defeat one problem at a time.

I also worry how this will effect my photography, I am probably taking on too much. How can you make a documentary film and yet continue to make important and good still imagery? Maybe I need to take my 8x10 camera and Tri-x with me this next, possible 6 month trip. Grounding myself and just making photos now and again might be a very good thing, it will also be more fun.