Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Email: On The Making Of Art

An email exert discussing the making of art with a friend.... me being a tad pompous but I think the thought is right.
My friend wrote:
I have created art purely on my own (most people have).  It is a cool
thing, no doubt.
I wrote:
like with everything there are levels...meaningless art, good art....profound/important art...until you throw your heart into it full time and devote many years of life to it, your probably not going to rise above the meaningless type...until it is truly important to you, you will not make the commitment, thought, effort it takes, just like with all things..most people create some kind of art, just as most people can run...but...How many folks are world class runners? How many run world record times? Art is harder to classify, is more subjective as compared to running times but the point is still valid I think.
I have created tons of meaningless art, some good art, as for profound/important? not sure on that, hopefully with lots of hard work and continued devotion for the rest of my life, there will be some of that as well!!
Some of the better stuff was judged (by a jury before being accepted) , curated and will be hanging in a relatively important gallery in August at the AGSA. Come down with Mela and tell me if it is meaningless, good, important or profound :)) All opinions are welcome, to some the work will be meaningless to others profound. To me it does not matter what others think so much (a care a bit but not a lot). I want the work shown, when it gets shown I have paid my debt to my subjects, their voices were heard. That is all that really matters to me in the end.