Friday, January 13, 2017

A Movie Website?

One of the recommendations in a wonderful how to documentary film book I am reading is to create a website for your film. The idea is to post updates, trailers, general info etc. which will hopefully start a positive buzz about your movie. This seems like a good idea to me. I have received positive buzz about my photographs, several sales and a show as a result of this blog. So why can't a site totally devoted to my film do the same?

My current thinking is to do up another free (can't beat free!) blogspot page then fill it with info, shooting stories, trailers and clips about the film I am making. I could double post the blogs both here on my Yaum Photo Diary page and on the film website blog. If people want to learn about the film they can go to the focused film blog instead of having to wade through all the other things I place on the diary blog (poems, quotes, photo stuff etc).

Seems like a good idea, I will follow through with this idea, possibly starting up the website tonight. I need to think of a film title to name the blog (thou that can be changed up later).

Update: Here is the address to the page, got to do some work on it yet.