Saturday, January 21, 2017

3rd Triptych Image

Here is the 3rd triptych, the one I plan to place in the middle of this series. This is a very dense negative with blur-motion. I think the blur helps the feel of the photograph. Printing exposure is 100 seconds at f2.8 with a 3.5 filter on Ilford warmtone fiber photographic paper. Each eye is dodged 20 seconds with a small round tool and the upper and side head is given an additional 50 second burn.

Update* Ended up printing 6-7 or so versions of this negative. I did lighter versions with various eye dodge times at filter 3 1/2 and also 3 versions of the print at filter 4. One of these prints should work quite nicely in the triptych.

1st attempt at 3rd Triptych photograph, Dad in 2014