Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Email: How To Make My Film?

Just wrote this to a friend. It is about my fears of making the movie, and what I feel I have to try to do creatively. How to make the the movie? The things that might work out best.

got my bag of film making gear today, will it help make the movie? Yes...but I need to find the heart of my story and tell it effectively, that is the key. Am quite frightened by what confronts me, going into a totally new world here. Most likely I will fall on my face with the attempt. I think I need to follow my heart, to allow the story to become very personal. Let my true feelings come through. Whenever I have been successful in the past with my photography that has been the case, just hang everything on truth,emotion,feelings, heart...guess that is the way to go..When I did dad's eulogy it was the same idea, heartfelt stories, fun stories, feeling and emotion won out the day. It worked out well and got a lot of positive emotions back from the guests at the time and later..one older lady even said it was the best eulogy she ever heard (and my moms/dads older friends go to LOTS of funerals!)..

So that has got to be my film making trick, be true, be heartfelt, be emotional but also put in a bit of humor.

Kind of ironic, my father is still helping me figure stuff out! Thanks dad.