Monday, January 30, 2017

Bought Me 2 Extra External Batteries

Just bought 2 extra external batteries for my Blackmagic Pocket cameras. I got 2 already with the eBay sale but they are older (how reliable?) and these batteries take 12-16 hours to charge fully. If I am shooting in the dump or other locations daily and using up lots of battery power I will need to recharge them daily as well. A high work load on 2 old batteries, also I am not sure I will have 16 hours between shooting sessions. I would hate to go out into the field with only partially charged batteries. So today I swallowed hard during my work shift, went on eBay and paid $103 USD to get the 2 extra batteries. That is around $27 USD cheaper than buying the same items from USA sellers.

I can now take 2 external batteries with me (1 new and 1 old) and leave 2 charging in my room each day I go out to shoot. This way I will always have fresh battery power ready to use. I will also have backups if 1 or more batteries fail. I have learned that I need backups to pretty much everything when working in Asia. Reliable gear and backups are absolutely vital. That is one of the reasons I bought 2 BMPCC bodies not 1.

Note* I also have 19 mini batteries (inside camera) that I could use with difficulty if needed (each battery might only last 20 minutes). I will save them for emergencies and for shooting on the fly with just the BMPCC body. They are useful for when I am shooting with the BMPCC alone and a small light lens, no cage, no external battery.

Update* Just over 200 days until I go to Asia to make my movie. It is a LONG way away, the bright side is that I can train to make movies in the meantime. Will  be doing more stuff with mom this week.

Externl 12V YSD-129080 Battery made in China