Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lots Of Fun!!

Spent the morning playing on Premiere Pro CS6. This program can be frustrating at times when your brand new to it as I am but gosh is it fun to use once you start to get acquainted with it. I have been learning to do basic color correction (grading?) using a preset designed for Blackmagic Pocket Cameras.
Video Tutorial From "Drew Network" That I Used Today

I set up a BMPPC 1  preset on my Premiere and then altered the settings to fit the footage I get from my Canon 5D Mark 3 with CINESTYLE. I then saved this second preset as Canon 5D Mark -1.  Hopefully this preset will work with my mother footage made with same camera.

Boy is it fun to play with this thing. You can do some amazing things with video editing in today's world. This is all the more remarkable for me because I am jumping into the deep end with little knowledge of what could be done in the modern video editing world. I am still from the beta and VHS tape work flows where editing was so difficult and oh so limited. It is a real eye opener to realize how far things have progressed in the last 15-20 years.

I have been spending too much time worrying about f-cking up my film, of being a failure at this new direction I have chosen. I need to put that sort of negativity behind me and just find joy in what I am doing and will do. Making this movie is going to be great, it is going to be the best time of my life. I am really looking forward to it. Bring it on baby, bring it on!