Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Video: Toning Dads TripTych Prints

Shot this film yesterday and worked on it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 tonight in the guardhouse. This was basically a training exercise for me. Tonight I created my first complete Premiere edited video. Was able to work on a timeline, make and insert titles, transitions (sort of!) and export in various file sizes and format types.

The audio on this recording was very harsh but did some work on it in the Adobe audio editing program Audition. Because I was doing toning with with the carcinogenic selenium toner I was wearing gloves and had my exhaust fan set on maximum. The fan created a loud buzzing background noise which I was able to clean up some what in in Audition, I also raised the gain on my voice audio (recorded ont the cheap Zi8 internal mic) by about 25%.

The most difficult part of this little project was learning how to EXPORT video/audio. I had to try 5 or 6 times to get it right. There are a ton of exporting options available, different formats, sizes, bit rates etc. It was all rather confusing but I am slowly improving in Premiere. Brick by brick builds the might cathedral!

The one thing I do not like about he Kodak Zi8 handheld recorders is the narrow angle of view they provide.
Kodak Zi8 1080p Video Camera
I want to be wider than I am in this video but do not have an option at present to do so. I ordered some cheapo Chinese made wide angle lens that should stick to the cameras body, will give them a try when they arrive. There are also some more expensive wide angle adapters (higher quality glass?) available on EBay. So that is another option for me.

Overall this little video project turned into a good little learning experience. Now on to the next one.

Note* Selenium toner is carcinogenic, where gloves when using it and do it in a well ventilated area.

Note** Tripych? Should be TripTych, will fix that title tonight.

Here is the toning clip (11.3MB):