Friday, January 13, 2017

It's A GO!!!

I heard from the last of the 4 in my leave request. The Security company I work for is OK with the idea. The 6 month leave to Thailand to make my documentary film is a GO!!!

Now I need to decide on my departure time. I am thinking as of today of mid August or early September. If I leave Canada then, I can take care of a number of responsibilities before hand. I have to deal with my exhibition opening night on August 3rd at the AGSA. I need to get two dental crowns (4-6 dentist appointments). I need to settle and prepare everything in my home and moms. I want to take mom on a trip to Radium Hot Springs again, possibly in April or May. I also need to prepare myself. I am not a film maker I need to learn as many technical things as I can before I leave Canada. I also need to prepare the film in my mind, make up a story line I will follow including story board visuals I need to capture. I can start with some voice over work (not sure I will use voice overs yet). There is much to do, I expect that a mid August or early September departure is best.

I was hoping to shoot the rainy season in the dump, flooding and the like. I think thou if I go in August I will miss that, not quite sure but I believe most of the heaviest rainfall occurs in June/July (possibly May).

Anyway, the trip is a go, the LEAVE has been approved. The film is going to happen!