Saturday, January 28, 2017

Most Exciting Time Of My Life?

I feel so filled with anticipation and happiness. Could this be the most exciting time of my life? Not being with dad, is very difficult, I want to share so much with him. But even without my beautiful father, could this be the happiest most exciting time of my life? My photography has steadily improved through the years, I feel I have my best best work still ahead of me. Now I am facing the ultimate challenge, making a movie. I got a 6 month leave from work to chase my  art, everything seems to be lining up nicely.

I believe my departure to Asia will be in September (did some calculating tonight), after my responsibilities to the Art Gallery of Saint Albert are complete. Until that time I will learn how  to make movies, print my photography exhibition and plan for my first documentary film. It is all so exciting, daily my mind fills with ideas and hopes. When September comes I get to live out those dreams, I get to go to Asia for 6 months and create. This is not all just thoughts, wishful thinking, this is ACTION!! What a challenge awaits! I get to become involved in the lives of many good and interesting people, then try to tell their stories in effective ways with both photographs and video. Wonderful, simply wonderful!

"Ain't Life Grand!!"