Sunday, January 8, 2017

Portable Cheap 1080p Recorders

Over the last while I have been buying several portable used 1080p recorders. Been able to get these cool little units on the cheap, $25-$35 USD. Not sure how I can use them, possibly as personal cams on my subjects getting their point of view. Dump worker cams? Children wandering the dump cams? I might even be able to use them as little portable spy cams of some kind if I shoot in some of the Asian bar areas (on a different doc film project). I also got some wide angle cheapo lens that might work for them for under $10 USD. The Zi10 you can hook an extermnal mic to, which is a bonus. I bought one of those used. All in all, not much of an investment of dollars but potentially a great source of important visuals.

Kodak Touch and Zi8 recorders with wide angle lens adapters