Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Link: My Blackmagic Camera Gear-Bag Is Here!

I got my Blackmagic camera bag of goodies today.  The case made it through customs with a a very heavy charge at my end of $142 CAD, that is par for the course for the amount of gear I got sent to me from the States. The seller was a very nice American fellow, a real live working pro cinematographer complete with an IMDB page. Thank you Mike for keeping your promise and getting everything to me today. I was a worried that the camera had been lost in transit as it took a full 8 days longer to get to my door than the the first package with a tripod/mono-pod did.

All is well now thou, the cameras are here! (2 BMPCC bodies etc) I will take everything to work tonight to open and play with. It should be lots of fun! Hopefully my limited skills and luck with this camera system will be 50% of its previous owners and I can film something of consequence. I so want to tell the stories in the dump with effectiveness, compassion (love?) and care.

Here is a link to the world I will be working in, this video was shot on a little point and shoot hand held camera in 2013 during my first trips to the dump. I have been entering and leaving the lives of these families ever since.

Note* The opening motorcycle ride  was my first time to the dump, a shocking moment for me. I have since been back dozens of times through the years. When I return next time it will be with my Blackmagic gear, thanks again Mike. Now I just got to pay all my credit card bills, probably close to $4000 CAD!! Will use my vacation pay, my Xmas, New Years STAT pay, and regular security guard pay. I have to pay off everything before any interest costs are charged to my credit card.

2013 Dump Video, Originally Used In My Still Photography Exhibition