Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wonderful Darkroom Vehicle, Went For $12000 CAD, A 2003 GMC C6500 S/A Utility Truck

I wanted to buy this vehicle today for the "Oh! Canada!!" wet plate project, it sold for $12000 CAD at a local auction. I do not have the money to buy it now and the project is too far in the future to invest in a darkroom vehicle just yet. I also have to pay for the lens and the camera and the long 6 month trip to Thailand. It was a real beauty thou and would have been perfect for me. I was sad to miss out on it. Hopefully I can find something of similar quality and value in 3-4 years or so when I will be buying something that will work for me as a mobile darkroom/transport/trailer pulling vehicle. I would have been able to stand in the back of this thing, something I cannot do in most ambulances. There is also tons of storage and enclosed darkroom area and a very powerful reliable diesel engine (do not want to end up stranded in the Arctic!).

2003 GMC C6500 S/A Utiliy Truck, 178599 km