Saturday, June 3, 2017

Opening Night "Trumpet" At Latitude 53

The "Trumpet" exhibition at latitude 53 took place today, it was a nice success. Loads of people showed for the CARFAC awards given out at the gallery, they had a meal and attended our opening as well. Fun was had by all and I talked  my self hoarse again.

Not sure what the overal turnout was, probably 75-100 people during the night. Most came for the CARFAC awards ceremony being held but stayed to "Trumpet" so wins all round there. I had 4 people show from my current photo group as well as a family of a coworker and Chris another man I work with (more on him in the next blog).  Jenny and a group of coworkers also came from the Art Gallery of St. Albert (where my next exhibition "Healing Process" is showing). Another man I work with brought his entire family, 6 or 7 people total.

I also got to meet various people from CARFAC as well as the AGA, it was fun and educational. I get to tell the story of the dump to numerous people who attended. I seem to also be meeting more and more important gallery, curator, art teachers etc at my shows. The photographs are starting to be seen and recognized by the art people and the arts community of Alberta, that is rewarding. People who sit on multiple art juries, are remembering the work and that Yaum guy.

Earned lots of doe also, I got a check for $400 from CARFAC/LATITUDE 53/ VISUAL ARTS ALBERTA. That money will go back to the families in the dump, so they will benefit also.

I will also be posting some video footage of the event I shot later on this blog. I was practicing for the documentary movie, shooting 2 different BMPCC cameras , one with the Came-TV gimbal. You can see me playing and trying to learn how to use the camera in the pics below. Half the time I got it right, half the time I had no idea what the heck was going on! :)

Here are some snaps from tonight's opening:

With my friend Larry, a world class photographer
other exhibited work
4 of the 5 exhibited photos