Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Healing Process Invite, Will Do 8th Print

Got some info on the "Healing Process" invites that are being printed up. The Art Gallery of St. Albert really goes all out in their exhibition process. I will get 50 of these (could have gotten 100) to hand out, I can also submit a mailing list and the gallery will send out invites via snail mail for me.
The gallery on its own will send out 350 hard copies, and 800+ digital copies to all of their contacts.

This is shaping up to be a big deal with a big crowd. I wonder if I should try printing up an 8th photo? Maybe the last 2 should be the ones on these invites. The one neg thou on the back page will be a bugger to print! I have found both negs so that is not a problem, it just a matter of bringing the prints to life. I think I will go for it, print more, go all in and hope they can hang all 8 photos (I was only promised space for 7). Dads story need to be told thou, so will try for 8.

Here are samples of the invites.

"Healing Process" invite, front and back sides