Friday, June 23, 2017

Developing Kodak Aero Ektar 4x5 Sheets

Developing some of the Aero Ektar 178mm f2.5 4x5 sheet film. These were made as test shots at the Windermere  BC cemetery on my trip with Mom. I tested the lens because I am still deciding if I will take it to Thai with me.

Original Blog Post: Bought Me A Kodak Aero Ektar Lens

The Windermere cemetery might be worth a trip back with the wet plate darkroom at some point when I shoot "Kanata" (Oh! Canada!!).

Here are the scans, I rather like the look-bokeh effect. I need to try it doing portraits yet before I leave Canada. I need to know how people look with the extreme shallow depth of field, people shot at different distances. If I used it in Thai it would be for portrait work in Mae Sot and Bangkok. I was thinking of using this lens specifically if I go back into the sex trade world to make portraits with. I think it might be an effective, visually mysterious and expressive tool.

Note* This camera lens combo (Speed Graphic with Aero Ektar) might be an effective way to shoot 4x5 ambrotypes. I need to adapt a holder but have one that was given to me that I can work on

Note** All the images were made at f2.5 as I cannot change the aperture of the lens. All shot with the Speed Graphic wind up cloth focal length tripod at 1/60 of a second (camera on tripod).

Grave #1
Grave #2
Grave #3
Grave #4
Grave #5