Thursday, June 15, 2017

HF3535 Camera Build Photos Photos Update!!!

Gosh my HF3535 (35x35 inch) view camera is going to be HUGE!!! The camera build continues. I hope to have it here in Edmonton before I leave for Thailand in October. The HF3535 is being made in the Czech Republic for me.
The cameras in the backgrounds of the photos are a 12x20 incher and a 35mm. The wood used is American Walnut. I have to give the camera a name, to make it more real and spiritual to me. Not sure what to call her/him just yet. I need to conjugate on that.

These are the latest pics!. Progress is being made. The camera is starting to look like a camera! I will make payment 2 on Monday. I a ordering a reducing back measuring 26x35 so I can do more rectangular compositions as well. I will now have the ability to do 8x10 (Deardorff), 16x20 (Chamonix) and 26x35 and 35x35 (HF3535) wet plate images.

Here are the latest photos Filip sent me:

Background camera is a 12x20.The HF3535 is going to be huge!