Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chris M The Man With The Big Heart, Donation Totals Climbing Fast!

I was blown away by a Chris M yet again. He is a coworker and friend at the plant where I work at as a security guard. Before my last trip Chris donated $175 to help the families. I sent him an email and asked him to the "Trumpet" exhibition tonight but did not hear back from him (he had written to me but I missed the email). So there I am standing in front of my photos at the gallery talking to someone else when I saw Chris. I had not seen him for a year or so it took me a second to gather in who I was with. He said hi then gave me a check for $800!!!! $400 for 4  "Families of the Dump" photos he wanted printed (from a previous trip. $100 per 11x14) and $400 as a donation gift to the families in the dump.

I was blown away, gave the guy a hug and thanked him! What a generous, kind person. Here is a man who is helping total strangers, a man who hears of others in need and reaches out to help them, not once but twice. Thanks to Chris the donation totals for next trip have taken a giant leap forward. They now look like this:

$400 from the "Trumpet" artist fee
$100 from the "Trumpet" shipping fee
$20 from the Jonathan film developing money
$400 from Chris M (I will use the second half of the check for the 4 photographs he bought at $400 to help pay for my photo paper costs which are around $1500 CAD)

That is a total of $920

Two people who visited the exhibition tonight also have communicated to me that they will help with donations (from my email begging for help plea a while back). Tonight a second man I work with who attended the exhibition with entire family told me that there MIGHT be another fund raiser at the plant (we had a fundraiser for the families before my last trip).
$555 Plant Fundraiser in March 2016

This trips eventual donation totals will surpass my goal of $1000 and could be nearer to $1500.

People are so beautiful, thank you Chris, and thank you everyone else for your help.

Here is a photo of Chris at the opening:

Chris (red cap) the man with the big heart