Monday, June 19, 2017

Bought A Second Japanese Ambrotype, Titled: 2 Japanese Antique Ambrotype Glass Photo Meiji Frame Girl Kimono 1880’S

I am laying off my buying now, but had bid high on this Japanese ambrotype last week. This item is expensive $95USD (plus shipping) but rather haunting and beautiful. a mysterious enigma. The type of ambrotypes I hope to make in the "Oh! Canada!!" "Kanata" project. I will carry both my Japanese kimono women ambrotypes with me in my mobile darkroom unitility truck when I am traveling, making my wet plate images. Hopefully these wonderful 130-40 year old works will help to inspire me. I also like the beauty of the simple wooden (Balsa wood?) box case frame. It seems so right to exhibit the image and protect the glass this way. I wonder who these women were. I am very happy I own this, cannot wait until it arrives from Ama-Gun Japan.

2 women, Japan 1880s