Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Leaving My Mark?

Was watching some wet plate vids on YouTube and had a strange thought. What about putting a thumb print on everyone of my wet plate images, sort of leaving my mark? Would that work? Not sure but it might be kind of cool. The edges of collodion imagery is often scared and damaged looking, what about adding a personal element from the creator of the work, a finger print. Jackson Pollock used to put hand prints on his work, ancient cave men did the same, Davinci DNA might be in some of his work. Why can't Gerry Yaum personalize his stuff. I am certainly no Pollock or Davinci (might be a caveman!) but it could be a fun and somewhat unique thing to do, pressing a very personal signature into the work. I like the idea of leaving a piece of myself behind, that desire has been around people for many centuries.

Check it out:

30,000-year-old handprint, Chauvet Cave in France.
Cave art that dates between 13,000-9,000 year old hand prints, Perito Argentina
Jackson Pollock. Number 1A, 1948
Jackon Pollock hand prints