Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Selling Ambrotypes?

You always hope that you can sell your work as a fine artist but that type of thinking is mostly a dream. I found this ambrotype on sale on eBay today for $3000 USD. I like the way the piece is packaged, it such a beautiful simple piece.

I wonder if at some future date I can do up 8x10 ambrotypes in a similar displayed manner and sell them on eBay? $500? $1000? a unit? I could use the money to make more ambortypes, pay for gas, supplies etc for the "Oh! Canada!!" project. Teaching workshops along the way at different locations across Canada in my truck darkroom seems like a more real way to make extra money but heck selling original one of a kind work in this form might also be an option. You got to hope for that sort of thing anyway.

I will give it a try! Wonder where I could get the ambrotype boxes made?

Ambroype with poem byVik Munz being sold on eBay.