Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bank Worries About Fraud

Put $5000 CAD down on my HF3535 camera yesterday (payments 2 and 3 at the same time), I sent a wire transfer to Filip in the Czech Republic. Last night I got a call from the bank, and a follow up phone call today! They were worried that I might be sending my money to a fraudster and that I would get nothing in return. Guess the wire transfer was very suspicious in their eyes as it got red flagged.

Why does no one trust no one anymore? The teller person I dealt with yesterday asked me many questions about this deal on the phone today. Did I know the Czech person, meet him before ? Did I understand I might not get a camera from him, that it could be a phony deal. The bank persons way of thinking was that I would send the dollars and get nothing in return. He felt I was making a mistake and I should not wire the money, advised against it.

It all gave me a headache. I prefer the world of creativity and art to this money stuff. Art is beautiful where as money, greed, theft, lust for dollars is so ugly.

I know it is a risk buying a very expensive camera like this from a stranger online. I know that I could get screwed in the end. I am generally a trusting person, I have grown to trust Filip and his HF camera company. If this falls through then it is my fault alone. If it works out, then Filip and I together are going to create an important and unique body of work, something new and exciting that has never been done before in Canadian photography. Sometimes when things are ground breaking and ultra large in scope you need to walk out on a limb and take some chances. I feel thou, that it will all work out beautifully in the end, I have my faith! :)

Note* Once I get the camera I will take a picture with it and take to the bank teller who was so suspicious. Want to prove to him that there are still good, honest, trust worthy, hard working folk in this world! Not everyone is a crook.

Note** This story might be a good add on to my eventual "Kanata" artist talk. How you need faith, and trust to get something like this done. How people are generally good and honest and how we need to overcome our personal suspicions and fears to succeed.