Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I know I am getting WAY ahead of myself here but I had an idea for displaying ambrotypes (collodion pictures on glass) in a gallery setting. With ambrotypes on clear glass you can view through the image, through the glass and see the image 2 ways, backwards and straight way round.

Here is the idea. What if I hung the plates in the air and had them hung in a way that black backgrounds would be behind the glass at a distance. The gallery viewer could then walk around the large 35x35 sheet of hanging glass and view the work as as positives in different 3D type ways. I could create a unique and exciting way to experience art. It could be visually very powerful. I saw small hanging glass images at a gallery in New Orleans several years back when I was exhibited at PhotoNOLA. This is an idea that deserves more thought, it could be a very effective way to present the work.

Note* Not sure exactly how the glass plates could be hung. Is it possible to drills holes in glass to hang the plates by? Maybe some kind of hanging frame could be devised.