Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"KANATA", So Daunting, Sub Projects?

During my spagetti meal tonight at work I was thinking over "KANATA". This idea is fricking HUGE, it is mind boggling large and nearly impossible in scope . I decided what I need to do is think of it not as a whole but as indvidual segments, to chop it down to more reasonable biteable doable bits. I need to find smaller parts/sections/subjects of the grander "KANATA" theme. Only then bit by tiny bit can I even think of completing such a collosol project. I will do one sub project at a time, and move onward and upward from there. The chances are I will only finish part of "KANATA" idea, but the more parts I can complete, the better the overall whole. We will do our best and see what happens.

To that end I am going to think up (got 4 plus years of thinking space) subjects to shoot as subsections to the "KANATA" project concept.

Such as:

"KANATA- Vancouver Island - Old Growth Forests-Rainforests"

Rainforest, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
"KANATA - Yukon - The Klondike Gold Rush"

Klondike gold rush near Dawson City, Yukon
"KANATA - Fort McMurray - Tar Sands"

Tar Sand Fort McMurray Alberta