Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kurt Moser An Amazing Ambrotype Photographer

After buying the Zeiss Tessar lens on the 10th, one of the folks at told me of a photographer named Kurt Moser who was doing a project similar to what I had planned. I had thought that my project of mammoth ambrotypes was rather unique, but it seems others are also creating massive and important wet plate ambrotype (pictures on glass) series in their own countries (Ian Ruhter in the USA, tin types). Kurt works out the Italy and is photographing the Dolomite mountain range as well as the people in the region. An amazing project, well worth our support. Kurt is also building a large truck camera from a military vehicle. Please see all the links below and support his efforts. His work is simply amazing, wonderful and awe inspiring!

Kurt Moser with his 1907 camera, ain't she a beauty
Camera in the field of the Tyrol region photographing the Dolomite mountains