Monday, June 5, 2017

Link: Quinn Jacobson Mammoth Wetplate Workshop

I am going to take one of Quinn's mammoth wet plate workshops. I have already contacted him about doing a workshop with him in 2018 after I return from Thailand. I hope he is going to hold something in Canada as I dread entering Mr. Trump's America. I have been boycotting the USA because of the intollerance, fearmongering, racism, sexism, anti enviromentalism his version of America has become. Quinn Jacobson is one of the top educaters in the world on the wet plate process. I might have to bow down, forget my personal sanction and go to the USA to take the course.

It is essential I become very fluent, even a master wet plate person if I hope to have any chance of doing the "Oh! Canada!" photographic process. I am 53, cannot piss around to long learning the process, need workshop help to speed up my learning curve. If I start the project at 58, I hope to be able tto do it for 10 years till I am 68. 10 years of work on "Oh! Canada" should produce a large body of work.

Here is a a link to a behind the scenes view of one of Quinn's workshops, on Matt Alberts photography site.