Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Studio Visit Goes Well

Met up with Jenny the curator of the Art Gallery of St. Albert yesterday. She visited my darkroom then we went to mom and dads house where most of the finished prints (still need to do one more) were waiting for her. She liked the work, we talked and talked and she also looked at the little photo studio I have at mom/dads as well. Spent lots of time talking about the history of my photo projects and art. Stories from all of that, talked and talked some more. Jenny took notes. She spoke to me of possible (might happen, might not happen) media coverage, interviews and the like. We also discussed the artist talk and I went over my talk plan, she made some useful suggestions.

A nice meet up, too much Gerry talk for my liking but it all went fine. I wish these exhibitions would be less about me and more about my subjects, but there is always the inevitable Gerry Yaum BS, my motivations, influences, artistic reasons etc. Who cares about the fake name dude Gerry Yaum, it should always be about my subjects not me (Jenny suggested I explain the whole Yaum reasoning thing to my audience at the talk).

Update* Jenny also asked I make up one of the printing instructions sheets I do up for each of my final prints. I will do up one of them for her.

Update** I will be allowed to show my exhibition Blurb magazine catalog(s) at the AGSA. The St. Albert people are much less uptight about that sort of thing as compared to the Latitude 53 folks who would not allow the mags in their space (they said those pics were out of context, still a bit pissed about that!).