Well you guys really came through for me! I was able to get 2 lens to cover the 35x35 camera I am having built in record time. I knew that the lens were out there, and that I would be able to buy them, I did not realize I would be able to get them so fast. Large glass like this is inevitably very expensive but that’s part of doing business when you’re going MAMMOTH! I rejoined this group only recently and found the members here of great help in the search for my lens. A couple of posts on my part and many of you came to my rescue. I wanted to thank the site and the folks out there who reached out to help me. I could not have done it without you!

I already own a 42 inch Goertz Red Dot Artar, which I do not think covers but I think I will be able to use, somewhat. The 2 newest buys with your help are (hope I get all the lens naming lingo stuff right):

Nikkor Apo 1780mm (70 inch) F14 (bought today).

and a

Zeiss Jena Apochromat Tessar 180cm f15

Here are the latest photos of the 35x35 camera build


I am having the front standard built up to handle the weight (18lbs) of the 1780mm. The metal lens board is just big enough to accommodate the lens (10 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches). I will also be using a separate tripod under the lens for added support. The bellows extension on this camera is 8 feet. The plan is to get a 2nd bellows (5-8 feet) that I can attach to the back of the camera as needed. That might take the total bellows extension to around 13-16 feet. Hope it is not windy!! I might have to devise some kind of tent type thing to shoot out of to protect the camera from the elements. Lots more planning and more thought needed for this project, got to figure out lots of things yet. I was planning to start in just under 5 years but with the quick buys on the lens and camera I might be able to start earlier. Probably a good thing because the weight of all this gear is well over 100lbs (200lbs?). I need to get on with this project before I get too old and shitty to deal with the physical part. It is an inspirational way-reason to stay in shape thou!!! I have 2 online sources for a silver nitrate tank that will hold a 35x35 inch 4 mm thick glass plate. I will also be getting some reducing backs, possibly a 26x35 and maybe a 20x24 or smaller square format size.

Anyway, thought I should update you all on how it was going.

Thanks so much for your help, Gerry