Thursday, June 15, 2017

2 Cheques At My Door

I had 2 checks delivered to my door today. $400 donated by G/J and $50 donated by L. You got to love the goodness of people and the effect that photography can have, how it can lead to positive change in the world. I was a bit down after the 2 rejections over the last few days from SNAP gallery and from 10 Voices but the goodness of these donations overcame those negative pained feelings.

The total donated money earned for the dump families now sits at $1370 only $130 short of my goal. I still have a donation promised from D, a artist talk fee from "Healing Process" and a possible fundraiser from the folks at work (still an unknown if this will happen or not). Hopefully the donation number will be over $1500 when this is all said and done.

Things are looking up. Now need to get ready for work, another 12 hour security night shift awaits!