Friday, June 9, 2017

Possible - Maybe - Could Be, Chance To Be Shown In "Photography Forum" Magazine

After being inspired by my friend Larry I might get published in a photography magazine for the first time.  At our last dinner together Larry told me how he will be be interviewed and have an article and photographs in an upcoming edition of "Photography Forum" magazine. Me being of envious and inquiring mind, I sent "Photography Forum" a email query asking them how to submit work, what was required of me etc. I got a very positive response from the mags managing editor.  Amongst other nice things I was told by that the "Families of the Dump" series was, very important work; the photos break my heart.

There seems a real chance, possibly a real strong chance the "Families of the Dump" work will be shown in the mag, along with a article on that Yaum dude. Here's hoping the story of the families gets told in magazine form sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

Am getting way ahead of things here, but I  am excited by this possibility and thought I would mention it, here on the blog. This might happen it might not. I will submit some higher quality jpeg's and CV-BIO as requested.

If this does happen, if I do get published and an article is written for "Photographers Forum", I owe a big inspirational thank you to my friend Larry. This event really shows you that if you hang with serious, skilled photography people it can have a very positive effect on your own photography. It is important to continue to try and find a higher more inspirational level of creative artist to learn from, Friends, mentors and the like who push you in new directions, who inspire you to be better than you are. Is a VERY good thingy.

Here is a link to this wonderful photography magazine:

 Note* The magazine "Photographers Forum" is published in Santa Barbara California.