Saturday, June 24, 2017

Photo Comments, Confidence Boosting And Cringe Inducing Praise

Recently I had 2 positive comments from pro level art folk in the city that have buoyed my confidence a bit. It has also created those awkward silences where I am not exactly sure how to respond to their compliments. I like that people respond to the work in an emotional way. I want to show the work, love that the stories of my subjects get told. I  just sometimes wish people would not do the praise thing with me me face to face!

Jenny the curator from the AGSA, speaking of the "Dads Last Days" series photos said something to the effect of "This is the most personal work we have ever shown at the Gallery"

Shane from the AGA, speaking of the "Dads Last Days" series photos said something to the effect of "These are among the most powerful moving photographs I have ever seen"

(think I got Shane's quote basically right, close to what he  said anyway, I was a bit stunned by his comments. I sort of shutdown while hearing them.)

I am always uncomfortable with that type of praise, especially when it comes from established -experienced-professional Edmonton area art people. It does make me think I am on the right path. I have to make my photos even more personal and powerful. I have to find it within myself to push to the next level of creativity and make work that continues to evoke an emotional response. This is just the beginning, got to find more in the future, got to make stronger images this coming trip.

Note* I also had the head person at the Photographers Forum" magazine say the "Families of the Dump" pictures were, "Important and they broke my heart", That thou was easier to deal with because she was not standing in front of me, it was an email sent from California.