Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ordered 2 More Blurb Magazines

I ordered 2 new and improved versions of my "Tears of a Butterfly" The Photographs of Gerry Yaum magazines. They should arrive from Blurb Canada before June 20th when Jenny from the AGSA does her studio visit. That means I can show her the books at that time. I hope she will accept one of them into her gallery for the "Healing Process Exhibition".

This time I did up two version of mag, one with a sex workers section, one without. The sex worker portraits are somewhat controversial, so wanted to give her 2 versions to look at. I need to get this work seen, and if doing a none sex worker book accomplishes that goal, so be it. I also worked on several of the images from the last printing, usually reducing the contrast.

 The total cost with shipping and taxes for the 2 magazines was $84.66 CAD.

My 2 new mags