Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Forgotten Face Glass Plates, Unknown #1 Scan

I  have purchased over 100 of these 3x4 inch glass plate negatives from a seller in Canada. They might have come from Chicago, not sure the year. If anyone out there can give a guess let me know please. My hope is to do up a submission and darkroom print these negs big. Show title "Forgotten Faces", each image will be called "Unknown #1, Unknown #2 etc.

The glass plates have lots of density and contrast so they promise to be a real challenge in the darkroom. I like all the imperfections that time has impacted on these things. Many of the photos also have an off center composition that is visually appealing.

These found negs, these "Forgotten Faces (People)" are very mysterious and beautiful in my eyes. Printing these negs will be a nice healthy distraction from my more serious personal work. After you printed a 20x24 inch photograph of your dad after he died (did that for "Healing Process") this kind of printing will will be so much easier and fun. No bad dreams here!

Unknown #1