Friday, June 16, 2017

4 Book Titles , Learning About The First Nations Of Canada

With the coming of the "Oh! Canada!!" ambrotype project (4-5 years away) I am trying to educate myself. Am trying to learn about Canadian First Nations-Aboriginal culture and history. It is all very complex and I will only have a basic understanding and knowledge in the end. I think thou that it is only respectful and proper to try to do my best to learn and understand what I know so little about, it is all too much for me to take in, but I will do my best.

What I have read so far about First Nations of Canada I have found absolutely fascinating, both great and tragic. I am just starting out here, but already I feel embarrassed about how little I knew and know. What I found I love most in my readings so far is stories about great first nations people like Big Bear, a chief/leader of the Cree Nation. What a noble looking man with an incredible life story. His photograph fascinates me, his strength and independence shine through even with the visible chain in the lower left of the photograph. This is a strong, intelligent, forceful man. I wish I could have known him, spoken to him, spent some time with him.

Chief Mistahi-maskwam Big Bear 1885
There seem to be many many books out there but most on Amazon are out of my price range. In the coming years I will probably be watching lots of documentary films (which ones?) and borrowing many library books.

Here are the 4 titles I picked up (3 came today from Amazon) so far. The more knowledge I have the better, I am hoping it will impact the photographs and my life in a positive way. I will always be an outsider in the First Nation peoples of Canada but I think it is so important to try to understand their lives, their world, their history.

Native Chiefs and Famous Métis:Leadership and Bravery in the Canadian West (Amazing Stories)
The First Nations of British Columbia, Third Edition: An Anthropological Overview
The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America
Classic Images of Canada's First Nations: 1850-1920


 Isiah Bear, Muskoday First Nation
In the old days we used to respect everything… This isn’t done today, that’s why we are lost.
"kíyaté-mana kahkiyaw kikway ni-kí-kistéyihtamak… ékwa óma anohc namowiya ékohsi itócikatwéw, ékoci óma éyakohk ésa ká-wanisiniyak."