Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bought Me An AMAZING 95 Year Old Brass Lens For The "Oh! Canada!" Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Carl Zeiss Jena Apochromat Tessar 15/180cm

I went all in and bought me an VERY expensive lens for the "Oh! Canada!" project. This Carl Zeis Tessar lens will be 100 years old (made 1922) by the time I use it for the series. It will add that much authenticity and expression to the project. I will get a flange, waterhouse stops and caps made for it at SK Grimes on my return from Thailand. This lens has huge coverage and will cover my 35x35 format size.

My new period lens for my HF3535
Here is the advert from the German auction house where I bought it.
 Carl Zeiss Jena Apochromat Tessar 15/180cm
the largest of the pre-war Apo-Tessar lenses, extremely rare (this very expensive lens was made to special order in very limited numbers), covering huge 120x150cm at 1:1 magnification and 90x100cm, at 1:2 magnification, height of the lens 11,5cm, front and rear element diameter 12cm, barrel diameter 15.5cm, with slot for Waterhouse stops, in excellent condition, very good, clean optics, this is the only example we have ever seen!!