Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Oh! Canada!!" Meetups Around The Country? Gallery Talks??

I have been communicating with several large format photographers on Several Canadians and some Americans have become quite excited about the proposed "Oh! Canada!!" project and there is talk of me meeting up with them when and if I am in their towns and cities Canada wide.

One very nice printer maker/photographer Bob C has told me that he would invite me to show the camera and talk the project at his gallery and that he would also introduce me tot he folks at Gallery 44.


"I can put you in touch with the Gallery 44 people who would be extremely interested to meet you and see what you are up too."

I have been rejected from Gallery 44 (A major contemporary photography gallery Toronto) numerous times in the past (3? 4? lost count now). It would be great to be able to meet the folks at the gallery, to show the camera and lens, to talk the project to gallery visitors. Heck I might even get some ambrotype work shown!

"Oh! Canada!!" and the 35x35 ambrotype dream seems to be opening doors to me that were previously closed! You got to love dreams, they not only open up doors for you, they excite other people as well. Love my dreams!!