Friday, June 9, 2017

Morning In A Graveyard

Spent my morning at a graveyard in Windermere, the graves are on a hill over looking a lake. It is quite a picturesque spot. I woke up 510am, made some sandwiches in my hotel and headed out to the graveyard.  Initially when I got on the road there was heavy rainfall but before I arrived at my destination all rain had stopped. There was a bit of wind but I think I made some good photographs. I shot the Aero Ektar Speedgraphic combo along with some Blad and cheap Russian camera shots. I ended using the 1/2 frame as well as the plastic 35 LOMO Russian camera.

The most interesting grave I saw was from a soldier who died on June 6 1944. June 6 1944 was the day of the D-Day invasions in Normandy France. There is a very good chance this soldier from Windermere BC died across the Atlantic in France on that faithful day in world history. What a different worlds than he was born in,and die in. Dying on the bloody beaches of Normandy half a world away and now he rests on a peaceful hill overlooking a wind swept lake. We all owe men like this, so much. In the graveyard someone had put fresh remembrance day poppies on all the soldiers graves, they have not been forgotten. May their sacrifice be long remembered.

For me it was a nice morning of thoughtful thinking and picture making in a beautiful peaceful setting. I will post some of these practice shots for Thai shots in the coming weeks on this blog.