Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Glass Negatives From A Different More Expensive Source

Bought some more negative glass plates, these are larger mearsuring 5x7 from another seller in Canada. I paid more for these (probably too much) than the earlier ones but did manage to get free shipping. I need to cool it on the buying, have so many bills to pay now and a big trip ahead of me, need to save as much as I can with time I have left before Thai. Sort of lost control on my spending of late. Need to shut that down now.

I am thinking of calling this possible found negative project submitted "Forgotten Faces" and then naming each picture, Unknown #1, Unknown #2 etc. :Here are todays buys from the second eBay seller.  (plus the post mortem photo from earlier).

5x7 glass neg portraits for the "Forgotten Faces" project