Saturday, June 24, 2017

Going Back To Basics, Thai Gear Choices

I have decided to simply my gear choices again. Have been back and forth on what to take to Thai but my recent love for 35mm photography and problems with the 120 stuff has pushed me back to my roots and 35 cameras. Printing these last 2 shows 35 negs has been a eye opening experience. I have come to love the look of 35mm enlarged to 20x24 then bleached and toned. So I intend to spend a lot of time next time shooting various 35mm cameras.

The plan is now take the following gear:

- a variety of 35mm cameras to shoot tri-x in . Leica cameras, plastic cameras, 1/2 frame cameras and maybe the Hasselblad Xpan. I will load up on lots of Tri-x and might take odd films that have been in my freezers for years.

- 8x10 Deardorff (Eddy) with 1 lens

- Canon 5d Mark3 with flash for possible color work.k

- Possibly the Kodak Aero Ekta(great bokeh) lens with Speed Graphic and 4x5 Tri-x

My main cameras this trip will be the 35s, hope to make some important and powerful pics with those babies.