Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Email: Another Donation For The Families

Got a nice short email today asking for my address. Another person who saw the show at Latitude wishes to make a donation. Here is the email minus the persons name to protect their privacy.

Hi Gerry,

I met you in Latitude at the opening of your show. I would like to make a donation for your next trip. Could you give me your mailing address and I will send you a cheque. You photo images are very moving.

 I love the fact that the photography is helping people. That is the goal of social documentary photographs. For many years multiple people told me over and and over again that photography does not matter, that it did not make a difference and that I was wasting my time making pictures. These donations to the families as a result of the photographic work is a direct repudiation to those negative naysayers. SOCIAL DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY DOES MAKE A DIFFFERENCE, IT DOES HELP PEOPLE.

So lets look at the donation totals for the the "Families of the Dump" next trip

- $400 from my CARFAC Latitude 53 artist fee.
- $100 from my CARFAC Latitude 53 shipping fee.
- $20 from my film development fee I did for Jonathan
- $400 from Chris M
- Future donation, dollar amount uknown from my artist talk fee for "Healing Process" (a gift from my father).
- Future donation, dollar amount unknown from G/J (promised)
- Future donation, dollar amount unknown from D (promised)
- Future donation, dollar amount unknown from L (promised)
- Bag of hats from Jean
- Bag of hats from Ray 
- Box of toys from Henritta (promised)

Note* I am including a running donation number at the top of this blog for the next few months. Hopefully this will encourage more giving. The known total so far is $920 plus the donated goods.