Friday, June 16, 2017

Gerry Yaum Goes "THE ARTSTACK"

Not sure what The "ARTSTACK" is, but found a bunch (15) of my sex worker images on the site. Not sure who put the pics together, not sure I like the selection, a bit too much nudity. Maybe I should add something to the empty "About" section, It might to help clarify the work, speak to the subjects lives and explain the reasons for making the pictures. I could add a email link and a link to this blog info etc.

Update* They seem to have some very high end art work on the site, some great artists. Warhal , Van Gogh, Gaugain etc. Maybe this thing is legit. I guess I will add some data to the ABOUT section, it might lead to something positive.

Screen capture of part of GerryYaum ARTSTACK page, I have 8 followers :).