Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Hope They Are Safe

Here are Khun Anapon and Khun Oo and Khun Go. Three people who live under a freeway in Klong Toey slum in Bangkok Thailand. I have been photographing them for the last 4 or 5 years.

Khune Go (photo in tray) died around 2 years ago (when I was in Canada). Life is harsh on the street, he used to pull himself down the road on a wooden cart with wheels on it.

I hope Khun Anaphon and Khun Oo are doing OK. I have not seen them since my last Thai trip in May 2016. I promised Oo a mouth guard/strap for her dog (so he does not bite strangers). I never delivered on that promise (could not find one). When I return I will buy her one if the dog is still alive. The dog was her only friend, it offered protection, she worried it would bite someone and be taken away from her.

I meet so many good hearted people in Thailand, love that country so much. In Thailand if someone has a good heart you say they are JAI DEE. A good hearted person would be KHON JAI DEE. Khun Anapon and khun Oo are khon jai dee.

Khun Anapon, Khun Oo, Khun Go