Saturday, June 24, 2017

Print # 7 For "Healing Process"

Been working on the 7th print for the coming AGSA " Healing Process" exhibition. This photo is of dad in the hospital early on in his last year, I wanted to include 1 hospital shot in the show.
The printing involved multiple steps including 2 masks 1 dodge and 3 extensive  burns plus. F irst I printed at filter 4 but the effect was much to extreme, the attempt below is at the softer 3.5 grade. The burning was also done at 3.5 to avoid the mushiness feel of a lower contrast filter.

Spent a lot of time thinking of my father while making this print tonight, it is so hard to concentrate on what your doing when memories keep flooding back. Tonight's main flashback was how dad stared at me those last few days, he just stared up at me with big sunken-frightened sad- eyes, he did not say much but watched me those last days. His staring eyes came back to me over and over again as I  made this print. God I miss him so much, I have never felt the kind of loss before in my life. I have never felt so hollow inside like I do now, when I think of dad.

I will also try to print (photo #8)a very difficult neg of dad with his hand over his face and one eye showing. That neg should prove to be very hard to print.

Here is print 7:

Dad in hospital, 5th attempt