Saturday, March 18, 2017

Teaching Today

Well am off to teach 2 students from Calgary today (I live 3 hours North in Edmonton). Going to do a view camera workshop times 2 for $300. It should be a fun outing. I will be teaching with a 4x5 camera (my Linhoff) but will also be showing them my (dad bought) 8x10 Deardorff, my Graflex Super D and my Banarama 4x5 rangefinder (adapted Polaroid).

I had an interesting inquiry from a fellow in Atlanta Georgia recently that could possibly lead to some workshops. In the past I have had people from as far away as Montreal, Massachusetts and now Atlanta asking about taking classes with me. I find that rather remarkable. Are there no people teaching this stuff in other cities? Gosh I wish more folk would teach and promote film photography.

Yesterday during my second visit to the AGA photo shows I spoke to one of the interns again (not sure what his job title is). He told me that the only other place that he knows of in the city with. a functioning darkroom is SNAP gallery (small darkroom). The older I get the less film related courses and classes there seem to be. Maybe I should check into setting up a second darkroom both for renting and teaching in.

Oh well, thanks for listening, Professor Gerry is now off to school!

Update* The class went well, lots of fun. I think the father and son duo learned somethings and got to handle a variety of cameras. I also got some personal instruction on how to tell a story on video and how to make a movie (story arcs and the like). One of my students was an experienced videographer. I took notes and leaned some things myself! Wins all round. Tomorrow I have a darkroom workshop with a 3rd student, which should be fun.