Sunday, March 12, 2017

Exhibition Project: Photograph Magazine (History Of Gerry Yaum Photographs)

I am trying once again to do up a BLURB MAGAZINE for the coming AGSA show. I have worked on a few versions of the mag using the BookWright software over the last several months. I think thou that this version might be it.

My idea is to just do a collection of photographs, show my photos, 100 or 200 pages of just photos. I will divide the magazine into 5 sections (maybe more), 5 different photographic series.

- "Families of the Dump" Mae Sot Thailand 2013-present
- "Sex Worker" Thailand, Cambodia 1996-2012
- "Dads Last Days" Edmonton, Canada 2014-2015
- "Muay Thai Boxer" Bangkok, Thailand 2011-present
- "Klong Toey Slum" Bangkok Thailand 2011-present

It will be pictures wall to wall, both sides of the page, no titles. I will only put section titles, let the viewer make up the "Rest of the Story" in their heads!

The main problem I am facing is getting all the photos I need into this thing. It is so time demanding. I will try to work at this over the next few months. I need to do higher end scans (or find scans I did) then re-edit each image so the file size is big enough to print in a magazine. All of this takes a ton of time and effort. I need to discipline myself and get this done.

The eventual hope is that people who come to the exhibition at the AGSA, press, art leaders instructors etc will see the photographs be sufficiently impressed and that will lead in a positive personal growth direction. More shows? Artist talks? More creative photographic opportunities? Who knows where stuff like that leads. The other major positive factor of course is that it will allow much of my forgotten unseen photography to be seen, the stories of my subjects will be told (at least a little!).

Here are the first page tentative attempts, changes will follow. Lower contrast? Smaller Photos? Titles? New cover shots? I am not sure what the max number of pages one of these Blurb mags can do, but I will probably try to reach that number. 100? 200? pages, will have to see what happens. The idea is to get the max number of strongish photos for people who visit the show to look at.

Note* I am using my new/used/editing PC notebook to work on the large photo files. I have a full CS6 photoshop version in the machine (not a lite version like in my other computers), it is fun to use.